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NPK and Organic Fertilizer Granulator

We are a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer in China. We can produce many different types granulator. Such as double roller granulator, pan granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat-die granulator and organic fertilizer granulator.
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We are a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer in China. We can produce different types of granulating machines. Such as double roller granulator, pan granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat-die granulator and organic fertilizer granulator.

Double Roller Granulator

Double Roller Granulator has compact structure, with the advantages of good stability, good sealing, low noise, easy operation and maintenance, etc. The new machine was well received by users after it was put on the market. Wide adaptability for raw materials, such as fertilizer, feed, chemical industry and especially good adaptability for rare earth, metallurgy, coal, biologics environmental protection. To a certain extent, it fills the gap and leads the domestic advanced level. On the other hand, it is also the promotion projec of environment department.

Rotary Drum Granulator

Rotary Drum Granulator is one of the key equipment in compound fertilizer industry. It is suitable for hot and cold granulation and high, medium and low concentrations of mass production of compound fertilizer. The shell of the machine uses special rubber slab lining or acid-resistant stainless lining board which realizes auto scar removal and de-tumor instead of traditional drawknife equipment. It has the advantages of high balling strength, good looking, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long operation span,easy operation and repair, etc.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

The machine is agricultural machinery designed and developed by the research institute based on years organic fertilizer production process and production experience with advanced technology,has obtained the country practical patent. It is used for granulating all kinds of organic matter after fermentation, breaks through the conventional organic prilling before granulation,and no need dry the raw materials. 

Flat-Die Pelleting Machine

The Flat Die Pelleting Machine uses the straight guide transmission form, which makes the roller self-rotating under the action of friction force. The powder material is extruded from the hole of the mould press by the roller, and the cylindrical pellets come out through the disc (The cylindrical pellets length can be controlled by the cutter. Meanwhile, the cylindrical pellets can be polishing into round shape granules).

Disc Granulator

Disc Granulator's design is thicker, heavier and more stable, no need to be fixed by anchor bolts. The reduction gears and motor use the flexible belt driving, smooth start, slowing impact, extent equipment service life.The disc bottom adopts multiple steel plates which are firm, durable, not deforming. The granulator's main gears adopt high temperature quenching technology, doubling the service life. Granulation rate can reach above 93%.

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