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  • Double Axis Mixer
  • Double Axis Mixer
  • Double Axis Mixer
  • Double Axis Mixer

Double Axis Mixer

The Double Axis Mixer is agricultural machinery research institute use years compound fertilizer processing equipment design, production experience developed in the latest technology products
Model: ZYQ-QZ 400/450/500
Production Capacity 20/25/30
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1.Product overview
The machine is the process equipment designed by the agricultural machinery research institute based on years organic fertilizer production experience, and the latest technology, it has obtained the country practical patent. It is used for blending all kinds of organic matter after fermentation and crushed,it not only mix the fertilizer powder fully but also has the function of conveying. The equipment is mainly suitable for humidification and mixing of raw materials in the fertilizer industry.

2.Equipment characteristics
The mixing blade is weld with hard steel tool, has good wear-resisting performance and long service life.

3,Working principle:
First,the raw fertilizer powder flows into the mixing tank at a certain ratio,through feed opening and then will be atomizes by the water with relative pressure. 
Second, using a certain length shaft through mixing vane to mix up fertilizer powder and then form a nuclear bulge which contains certain moisture. 
Third, put the nuclear bulge into the ball plate and stir.The whole stirring part is divided into atomization area,stirring zone and discharge zone.
Model ZYQ-QZ Speed reducer JZQ Electric motor Spindle speed (Y/mm) Rotating diameter (mm) Prod Capacity Weight KG
400 400-1V-2 Y160M-4-11 52 400 20 2350
450 500-1V-2 Y160L-4-15 52 450 25 2620
500 500-1V-2 Y180M-4-18.5 53 500 30 2980
550 650-1V-2 Y180L-4-22 53 550 35 3450
600 650-1V-2 Y200L1-4-30 52 600 40 3850
650 750-1V-2 Y225S-4-37 52 650 45 4260

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