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Bucket elevator

This series of bucket elevator has the characteristics of small floor area, high lifting height, large conveying capacity, low power consumption.
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 Bucket Elevator Features And Usage:

This series of bucket elevator has the characteristics of small floor area covering, high lifting height, large conveying capacity, low power consumption and good tightness. The utility model is suitable for vertical conveying granular and powdery materials, such as chemical fertilizer, grain, food, fodder, mining industry etc.
The driving power is small, the use of inflow feeding, induction discharge, large capacity hopper intensive layout. In the lifting of materials, almost no return and excavation phenomenon, therefore, less power.
The utility model has the advantages of wide range of hoisting, low requirement of the type and characteristic of the material, not only the general powder and small granular material can be promoted, but also the material with good grinding property can be improved, and the sealing property is good, and the environmental pollution is less.
The operation reliability is good, the advanced design principle and processing method ensure the reliability of the whole machine, and the mean time to failure is more than 20 thousand hours. The lifting height is high. The hoist runs smoothly, so it can achieve a higher lifting height.
The service life is long, the feeding of the lifter adopts the inflow type, and the material is not needed to be dug by the bucket, and the extrusion and the collision are rarely occurred among the materials. This machine in the design to ensure the materials in the feeding and unloading is less scattered, reduces the mechanical wear.
Bucket Elevator Working Principle
This series of bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small pieces of materials without grinding. High quality alloy steel high round link chains for towing parts. The central shell is divided into single and double channels, and the two form is inside the weight box, and the constant tension is automatic. The chain wheel adopts a replaceable wheel rim combined structure. Long service life, easy replacement of wheel rim. The lower part of the gravity automatic tensioning device, can keep constant tension, avoid slipping or off the chain, at the same time hopper encountered accidental factors caused the jam phenomenon when there are certain to let, can effectively protect the lower shaft. The bucket elevator is suitable for conveying the powdery, granular and small bottom grinding materials with a density of less than 1.5t/m3 and easy to dig out. Such as coal, cement, gravel, sand, chemical fertilizer, grain and so on. The machine is used for vertical transportation of various kinds of bulk materials. The utility model is suitable for conveying powder, granular and small pieces of material, and the temperature of the material is below 250 DEG C. The hopper scoop up the material from the storage below, lifting it along the conveyor belt or chain to the top, bypassing the top wheel and turning it down, and the bucket elevator empties the material into the receiving tank. The belt of a bucket elevator with a belt conveyor is usually made of rubber belts, mounted on or below the drive drum and on the up and down rollers. A chain driven bucket elevator is usually equipped with two parallel transmission chains, with or without a pair of drive sprockets on or below, and a pair of modified sprockets on or below. Bucket elevator generally equipped with shell, in order to prevent bucket lifting machine dust flying.

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