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Organic fertilizer dryer is simple to operate and has good production effect


After the completion of the production and processing of organic fertilizer, it is necessary to consider the storage problem of fertilizer, how to make the fertilizer effect non-volatile, and the important process is actually a part of the processing process of the organic fertilizer production line, that is, the drying of organic fertilizer. After the organic fertilizer dryer dried organic fertilizer particles or powder, the water in which is evaporated in large quantities, and the dried particles can be stored in the warehouse for a long time. The role of organic fertilizer dryer is not only this place, drying is more to test the pelletizing results of organic fertilizer granulator. Good fertilizer particles enter the drying procedure after granulation, and the particles are full and round after drying, but they will not dry and break. If the fertilizer particles after drying have too much cracking and crushing phenomenon, it is necessary to adjust the fertilizer proportion in the previous fermentation and granulation process. Organic fertilizer dryer plays an important role in the fertilizer production process, which is composed of cylinder, gear, pinion, stop roller, drag roller, front roller ring, back roller ring, discharge part, lift plate, reducer, motor, hot air passage, feed chute, furnace body and other parts. When the production capacity is large, multiple hot blast stoves can be equipped, which is simple and good to operate, and the production effect is also good.