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Maintenance and maintenance of organic fertilizer on roller extrusion granulator


The double roller press granulator is a common granulation equipment for organic fertilizer production line, which is composed of two relatively rotating rolls. The grooves of the particle size required by customers are distributed on the surface of the roller skin. The material enters the organic fertilizer extrusion granulator and is processed into granular organic fertilizer after being extruded by two rollers. Organic fertilizer roller extrusion granulator without drying process production, room temperature granulation, one molding. With less investment, good economic benefits; Small power reliable operation, no three wastes emissions, stable operation, easy maintenance, reasonable process layout, advanced technology, low production cost. Which parts of the roller extrusion granulator are composed of? The organic chemical frame, motor, reducer, engine, crushing and other parts of roller extrusion pelletizer are composed.

Maintenance and precautions for roller extrusion granulator:

1, please oil before use (reducer, open transmission system transmission gear, chain sprocket, roller bearing room, iron system configuration)

2, it is strictly prohibited to use hands and feet and other dirty into the machine equipment rotation position

Maintenance of the roller extrusion granulator oil parts: (1) reducer: add oil or lubricating oil; (2) On both sides of the large belt seat bearing, after the screws are removed, butter with a manual butter gun (once per shift); (3) Pour lubricating oil into the oil groove below the transmission gear of the tail to the transmission system; (4) The chain sprocket and the following broken transmission gear of the transmission system with unsalted butter for each shift; (5) unsalted butter on both sides of the following broken butter with a manual butter gun;