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Rotary Drum granulator granulation characteristics


Among the many organic fertilizer granulators, the rotary drum granulator stands out for its unique granulation characteristics. This device makes it easy to achieve efficient particle generation to meet various production needs. The granulation process of rotary drum granulator is highly automated. Through the preset program, the equipment can automatically complete the whole granulation process without manual intervention. This greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

High particle uniformity of drum granulator. The organic fertilizer equipment adopts advanced granulation technology, and the particles generated are uniform in size and meet the quality standards.

In addition, the granulation process of the drum granulator is environmentally friendly. The dust and noise generated during the operation of the equipment have been effectively controlled, reducing environmental pollution. This is undoubtedly an important advantage for factories that meet environmental requirements. Rotary drum granulator has wide adaptability. The equipment is suitable for a variety of materials, whether dry powder or liquid, and can be easily handled. At the same time, the equipment can also be adjusted according to different production needs to meet diversified production requirements.

Drum granulator has become a leader in granulation process due to its high degree of automation, high particle uniformity, strong environmental protection and wide adaptability.