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Soil type suitable for manure of organic fertilizer equipment


Organic fertilizer is a kind of high-quality fertilizer, which contains rich organic matter and various nutrient elements, and plays an important role in improving soil structure and soil fertility. When using organic fertilizer equipment to process manure, it is very important to choose the right type of soil. Here are some soil types suitable for manure:

1. Sandy soil: Sandy soil has good air permeability, which is conducive to the decomposition and transformation of manure. At the same time, the water and fertilizer retention capacity of sandy soil is relatively weak, which can better promote the decomposition and release of manure.

2. Clay soil: Clay soil has a strong ability to retain water and fertilizer, and can better maintain water and nutrients in manure. However, the permeability of clay soil is poor, so it is necessary to add some organic matter to improve the soil structure.

3. Loam soil: Loam soil has the characteristics of both sandy soil and clay soil, and has good ventilation and water and fertilizer retention ability. Therefore, loam is also one of the soil types that is very suitable for the use of manure.

In short, in the process of processing organic fertilizer production lines, choosing the right type of soil is very important for the utilization and effect of manure. Understanding the characteristics and needs of different soil types can better play the role of manure, promote crop growth and increase yields.