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The disc granulator is the core of the organic fertilizer production line


In the organic fertilizer production line, the disc granulator plays a pivotal role. With its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection characteristics, it has become a dazzling star in the production line. This paper will introduce the working principle, main structure, position and function in the production line, as well as its advantages and application prospects.

The working principle of the disc granulator is simple and efficient. It mainly mixes, extrudes and forms raw materials through high-speed rotating disks. In the process of rotation, the material is subjected to the action of centrifugal force, so that the gap between the particles is reduced, thus improving the compactness of the particles. In addition, the disc granulator also uses a special spray device, so that the material is uniformly attached to the surface of the particle during the forming process, improving the quality of the particle.

In the organic fertilizer production line, the disc granulator plays a vital role. It can not only convert raw materials into high-quality particles, but also improve production efficiency and reduce costs. With these advantages, the disc granulator occupies an important position in the organic fertilizer production line and has become an indispensable organic fertilizer equipment.

The advantages of the disc granulator are mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, it can improve production efficiency and shorten the production cycle; Secondly, it can reduce energy consumption and production costs; Thirdly, it has good adaptability and can cope with the challenges of different raw materials and production conditions; Finally, it has good environmental performance and can effectively reduce the discharge of waste.