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Troubleshooting of organic fertilizer dryer


Organic fertilizer dryers play an important role in the production of organic fertilizer production lines, but in the process of use, there will inevitably be some failures. This article will introduce some common organic fertilizer dryer failures and troubleshooting methods to help you better maintain and use the dryer.

First, the dryer does not work

Cause: The power cable is loose or damaged.

Solution: Check whether the power cable is loose. If yes, reconnect it.

Second, the drying effect is not good

Fault cause: material humidity is too high or drying temperature is not uniform.

Solution: Adjust the material humidity to ensure that the material water content is within the appropriate range. At the same time, check the dryer temperature control system to ensure uniform temperature distribution.

Third, the noise of the dryer is too large

Cause of failure: the internal parts of the dryer are worn or loose.

Solution: Disassemble the dryer, check whether the internal parts are loose or wear, and replace or repair in time.

Four, the dryer vibration is too large

Failure cause: the foundation of the dryer is not firm or the body weight is too large.

Solution: Strengthen the dryer base to ensure its stability. At the same time, check that the dryer is installed correctly to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed.

5. Abnormal heating of the dryer

Fault cause: the heat dissipation system of the dryer is faulty.