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Functional characteristics of turning machine in organic fertilizer equipment

Turning machine is an important part of organic fertilizer equipments. It can effectively finish the mixing、fluffing and shifting of fertilizer based materials, and play an important role in the production of organic fertilizer. 
Different methods of organic fertilizer fermentation and site construction are used in different upcast machines.The following is a detailed description of the functional characteristics of the turning machine in the organic fertilizer equipments.
1.The cart and the trolley do the horizontal and vertical walking, so that the materials in every place in the fermentation pool can be stirred.
2.Vertical and horizontal walking and mixing upgrading are driven by hydraulic pressure, which is stable and reliable.
3.The shell and part of the machine are welded with H type steel, which is absolutely solid.
4.A variety of harsh environments will not affect the work.

turning machine turning machine
Organic fertilizer equipment in turning machine adopts four wheel design, forward, backward and turn by a manipulation driving, driving a car ride in the pre stack strip based on fertilizer, rotary cutter rack mounted on the shaft by hanging fertilizer raw material implement stir and fluffy, shift reactor, car after a new strip pile, then in the open fields, but also workshop shelter implementation operation, very practical.