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Agricultural fruit and vegetable waste processed into organic fertilizer

 As we all know, with the deepening of the protection measures of the Ministry of Environmental Protection on the ecological environment, it is required to standardize the management of the agricultural market, aquaculture industry and fruit and vegetable market in various regions. At the same time, everyone knows that every city, and small township, has fixed fruit and vegetable market, meat market. Every vegetable market produces a lot of rotten pomace and even wastes such as fish scales every day. During the high temperature period, the odor at night was scattered, which seriously polluted the urban environment. This phenomenon also occurs in fruit and vegetable processing plants. In order to effectively solve this situation, our Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environmental Protection experts have proposed that the waste produced in the fruit and vegetable market can be processed into commercial organic fertilizer through organic fertilizer manufacturing process, through which the local economic income can be improved and the problem of pollution of waste things can be solved.

In fact, the treatment of the rotten pomace of rotten leaves by the microbial strains has been quietly appearing everywhere. The agricultural waste is processed by the semi-wet material pulverizer (high-humidity material pulverizer, vertical hammer pulverizer) specially equipped with the organic fertilizer production line, and the technical means such as mashing, microbial agent and harmless treatment process make it easy. The fermented and intractable rotten leaves and weeds are fully fermented, and the high-temperature decomposed materials are processed through the organic fertilizer equipment system, thereby killing all kinds of harmful bacteria, eggs and weed seeds, and fermenting in 15-30 days, it becomes a odor-free, disease-free bio-fermentation active organic fertilizer, and its fermentation raw materials and operation methods are similar to microbial fermentation of various organic fertilizers.

The whole set of microbial organic fertilizer production equipment consists of trough type turning machine, semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, tumble dryer, rotary chiller, drum sieving machine, coating machine, automatic packaging scale and other equipment. The equipment uses high temperature and biological high-temperature fermentation technology to kill pests and diseases. Under the bio-reaction of high-efficiency microbial flora, organic fertilizers such as cellulose, protein, sugar and fat of organic waste species undergo a series of biological reactions and final processing into commercial organic fertilizer.