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Best Compound Fertilizer Granulator Equipment Production Enterprise

 Zhengzhou tianci is the china best compoudn fertilizer granulator equipment- production enterprise, zhengzhou tianci provide s the professional and advanced organic fertilizer granulator and npk compound fertilizer granulator equipment with low cost and high efficiency .
China's Professional Fertilizer Production Line Manufacturers--ZhengZhou TianCi
Tianci is China's Best Compound Fertilizer Granulator Equipment Production Enterprise – commpound fertilizer Rotary Drum Granulator, compound fertilizer disc granulator, compound fertilizer new type two in one granulator. And disc granulator and new type two in one granulator also can produce organic fertilizer.
Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech comprehensive manufacturing enterprise established in 2001 in China. Its predecessor was the Xingyang Mining Machinery Plant, so we have 18 years working experience. It is located at 310 State Road of Xingyang city, Henan Province, and the transportation is very convenient. Our main products are compound and bio-organic fertilizer granulators equipment, mixers, belt conveyors, dryers, screening machines, dewatering machines and other machines.