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How to buy organic fertilizer crushing machine?

The manure caused by livestock and poultry farming will cause environmental pollution when it is unreasonably discharged. However, when the manure is made into organic fertilizer for agricultural cultivation, it is a resource. When a large amount of fertilizer is applied during agricultural planting, the soil organic matter will be reduced and the agricultural non-point source pollution will be intensified. Livestock and poultry manure is an important source of soil organic matter. The use of organic fertilizer can not only effectively solve the problem of aquaculture pollution, but also increase the soil organic matter content and reduce the loss of nitrogen and phosphorus.

The organic fertilizer pulverizer is important equipment in the production of organic fertilizer. Different types of pulverizers are required at different production stages, and the pulverizer has different effects on organic fertilizer materials. The pulverizer used in each step of organic fertilizer production is described in detail below.

The semi-wet material pulverizer is special equipment for pulverizing high-humidity materials such as organic fermented compost, grass mud carbon, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, chicken manure, cow dung, sheep manure, pig manure and duck manure. The allowable value of the moisture content of the biological fermented organic fertilizer material is 25-50%, and the pulverization particle size reaches the granulation requirement. It can also be adjusted within a certain range according to the user's needs. The hard material such as limestone, mixture, gypsum and slag in the organic fertilizer raw material plays a role of grinding, and is mainly used for granulation after organic fertilizer fermentation. The semi-wet material pulverizer is an ideal machine for fertilizer production and processing. The raw material has wide adaptability, and the material is pulverized and then fermented. The organic fertilizer has high fermentation efficiency and good decomposing effect.

The chain crusher is a product commonly used in the production of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers, which is suitable for the pulverization of the middle block material before the granulation of the fertilizer and the pulverization of the returned material. The pulverizer grinds the organic fertilizer into a finer powder to improve the quality and efficiency of organic fertilizer production. The main working part of the pulverizer is a rotor with a steel chain. The chain is made of high-strength wear-resistant hard alloy, which guarantees its wear resistance, uniform material and difficult to stick to the wall.