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Chain turner is the guarantee of composting control technology

A lot of organic waste will be produced every day. If not treated in time, it will easily pollute the environment and affect human health. Since the compost turner machine entered the market, it has effectively alleviated this situation. So how does the turner protect the environment? In composting and fermentation technology, the industry uses tank fermentation to produce organic fertilizer. The optional equipment includes tank dumper and chain plate dumper, and the appropriate equipment can be selected according to the practical needs.

Fermentation treatment of fertilizer manufacturing process

As a new type of machinery, the organic manure tipper is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting. It quickly replaces the manual and forklift trucks, and becomes a tool for turning over materials. It is the mainstream product that affects the development trend of composting industry. The suitable height of fermentation tank is 1.0-1.3 meters, the width is 6 meters, and the length is 50-100 meters. It can be confirmed according to the floor area and plot shape of the farm.

We take the widely used chain plate tipper as an example, which is the guarantee of composting control technology. The chain compost turner is a kind of bio organic fertilizer which can make the animal manure, agricultural waste, sugar factory filter mud, sludge, daily waste and other pollutants into green environmental protection and improve the soil quality through the principle of aerobic fermentation. Turn it into organic fertilizer, make waste create its due value, the prospect of chain turning machine is very good! Organic fertilizer can increase soil organic matter and improve soil physical and chemical properties.

Process characteristics of chain compost turner

  • 1. The compost turning machine can complete the continuous fermentation process of feeding one end of the fermentation tank and discharging the other end, and also can complete the batch fermentation process of the full tank.
  • 2. Select mandatory mechanical overturning and aeration and pipeline ventilation and oxygenation and aeration
  • 3. The solar energy composting workshop has an excellent temperature warming effect and regulation function, and can carry out compost production all year round.
  • 4. In order to save money, it is also possible to replace solar composting workshops with rain shelters.
Chain Compost Turning Machine

Tianci equipment factory, a turner manufacturer, believes that increasing the application of organic fertilizer and increasing the content of soil organic matter are the main links to enhance soil fertility. Organic matter can add aeration, water permeability, water storage of soil and improve root growth environment, so that soil water and fertilizer conservation can be enhanced. After fermentation, compost is further processed into organic fertilizer by fertilizer granulator machine.