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Compost turning machine used for fermentation process

  In the production of organic fertilizer, one important part is fermentation. All the raw materials need to be fermented first before they are applied into the soil directly. Usually all the materials pile up and ferment slowly, to save the time of fermentation, the compost turning machine are often used in this part.

  Our factory produces some kinds of compost turning machine, now let me introduce them to you.

  First is the simple groove compost turning machine. It is one of the main supporting equipment of the fertilizer machinery and equipment unit. It is suitable and ideal equipment for the harmless treatment of the animal husbandry, urban waste and municipal sewage sludge. The machine has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, high efficiency and low energy consumption. But when using this machine, you need to build the grooves first, for it walks on the rails on the groove. There is also a moving bracket working with it to move it walk on the rail.

  Later in the production, we find when the machine turn back, the teeth can’t lift up, it’s not convenient for its walking, then we design the new kind of the teeth can lift up, it’s chose by many customers.

  Second is the crawler type turning machine. The biggest difference with the simple groove compost turning machine is that there is no need to build fermentation grooves for its walking, the materials can ferment on the ground, the raw materials pile up in static type and the machine will turn and break them to supply oxygen for them, thus can improve the fermentation speed.
1, The machine running speed of the wheel and turning axis can be adjusted according to the type of the raw material, to get appropriate output and quality.
2, The power is vertical water-cooled diesel engine with sufficient power, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.
3, The turning direction use the direction of pull bar, so the turning is flexible, small area covering, and convenient operation.
4, Using electric button switch, joystick operation, flexible and simple.
5, According to the customer's request, the distance between the axis and the ground can be adjusted by hydraulic pressure to prevent the turning of the turning shaft.