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Compost Windrow Turning Machine in Tianci

Compost windrow turning machine in tianci  is used for the organic fertilizer compost fermentation production.The working width of Compost Windrow Turning Machine is up to 3 m and the height can reach 1.3 m.  The raw material is livestock and polutry manure and other organic wastes. It adopts hydraulic operation system, tie-rod type steering wheel operation and crawler-type travelling. 
Introduction of compost windrow turning machine:  
Our company is dedicated to providing users with complex fertilizer equipment technology services. At present, after many years of experience in manufacturing npk compound fertilizer production line equipment, it has been manufactured with high-quality antiseptic and wear-resistant materials, with beautiful appearance and operation. The operation is simple, and it has low energy consumption, with the long life, high granulation rate, it’s the more advanced compound fertilizer granulation equipment, products throughout the country.
Features of compost windrow turning machine:
1. The machine adopts hydraulic operation system, tie-rod type steering wheel operation and crawler-type travelling. The working width is up to 3m and the height can reach 1.3m.
2. Crawler-type compost turner has strong working capacity and large production, suitable for large organic fertilizer factories.
3. This turner is sturdy and durable, with strong power and advanced technology, thus the machine is recognized as the strong one among compost turner.
4. Its travelling relies on crawler, the turning roller adopts hydraulic lift adjustment, with high degree of automation and easy operation.
5. This compost turner is a kind of professional turning equipment of  transforming organic materials into organic fertilizer through  aerobic fermentation.