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Detailed introduction of compost windrow turning machine

 The bio-organic fertilizer turn-over machine is a bio-organic fertilizer that is made of green and environmentally friendly and improves soil quality through the principle of oxygen-consuming fermentation, such as poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar sludge, sludge, and domestic garbage. It can reach a day of warming, 3-5 days of deodorization, sterilization (can completely kill the eggs in the feces, etc.), seven days into fertilizer, faster than the use of other mechanical means of fermentation, high efficiency. Additional auxiliary facilities, such as automatic sprinklers, can be added according to customer requirements.

The crawler type turner is a kind of large-scale turning machine, full hydraulic operating system, lever-type steering wheel operation, crawler type walking, strong and durable, powerful power, advanced technology, large output, strong throwing ability, hydraulic lifting of the throwing drum Adjustment, high degree of automation, easy to master operation. It is professional turning equipment for converting oxygen-containing fermentation of organic materials into organic fertilizer.

Performance characteristics:
1. The walking type crawler turner adopts the walking and turning separation control of the turning machine, which can control the running speed of the walking and turning shaft according to the nature of the material to obtain the best output and quality.
2. The walking type crawler turner has sufficient power, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.
3. The walking type crawler turner is a steering wheelless lever type operation, which can be turned in the original position and turned 360 degrees. The car body is large, but the steering is flexible, and the floor space is small, which is convenient for the site operation.
4. All use electrical button switch, joystick operation, flexible and simple.
5. Adjust the distance between the wheelbase and the ground by hydraulic method to prevent the stirring blade from touching the ground.
6. Equipped with a cab.

Please pay attention to the work when the machine is working: 1. The ground of the airport must be flat and solid, and there should be no concave and convex surface larger than 50mm in the working area.The length is not limited, and the width should ensure the turning of the machine. 2. The accumulation of raw fertilizer to be mixed, the width shall not exceed 2000mm, the height shall not exceed 800mm, and the strips shall be stacked in a straight line.

Maintenance and maintenance of the machine:
1. Class maintenance (work 10 hours) check, tighten the connecting bolts and nuts, and check if the oil drain plug is loose.
2. Check the bolts at each part whether there is any defect in the split pin, replace the new one if necessary, and the split pin should not be replaced by it.
3. Check if the changing knife is missing and the fastening bolts are loose, and if necessary, fill and tighten.
4. Clean the attachments on the stacker.
5. After the working season of the mixer, replace the gear oil of the gearbox, check the bearings of each part, remove the new butter after cleaning, and install it. If it is seriously worn, replace it.
6. Check if the machete is worn to varying degrees and replace it with a new one if necessary.
7. The turner does not work for a long time, and all exposed parts should be oiled and rustproof, and should be covered when placed outdoors.