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Design ideas of control system for compound fertilizer production line

According to the process of the entire NPK fertilizer production line, it can be known that the processing quality of the production line largely depends on the control of process parameters (such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc.). Therefore, by using online control methods to ensure the temperature stability, pressure stability, flow stability and composition stability of the materials during processing, the quality and output of the products can be greatly improved, and the purposes of high quality, stability, reliability, and energy saving can be achieved. Thereby increasing productivity and increasing the economic benefits of the enterprise.


The control system design adopts advanced control technology, control strategy and monitoring technology in recent years to enable the key process equipment of the entire compound fertilizer production line to achieve automatic control, improve the conventional control quality of the production process, improve the process equipment process control accuracy, and achieve safe and stable production. Improve the data collection of process parameters in the production process to achieve centralized control operations and monitoring; quantify process indicators, standardize process operations, and complete continuous production control of the entire compound fertilizer production line through the central control room, gradually reducing on-site operators, and achieve "one person" "Front-line" automation control level, and then combined modern control strategies with the production process, developed an application expert system to achieve the full optimization of the production process, and integrated real-time production information into the plant's information management system to achieve a full range of optimized control and management.

As the compound fertilizer production line uses the above-mentioned advanced control system to realize the automation of production operations, improve labor productivity, reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly improve the working environment, achieve safe and civilized production, and create good social benefits. Our recommended products: compound fertilizer equipment, fertilizer dryer, extrusion granulator, disc granulator and other types of fertilizer granulator machine.