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Organic fertilizer disc granulator production line

Disc granulator is suitable for small-scale organic fertilizer production line and inorganic compound production. The disc angle of the granulating disk adopts the overall arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The angle can be adjusted between 40-60 degrees.

1.Granulator principle: The powder added from the feeding tube to the inclined disk is bonded with the liquid droplets sprayed by the material liquid sprayer to form a small particle group. The gravity and centrifugal force generated by the tilting disc during the rotation make the small particle group continuously roll and adhere the powder to the lower disc edge, so that the particles are constantly increasing. At the same time, due to the friction of the bottom of the disc, the particles move upward with the disc. When they reach the scraper, the granulated powder passes through the gap between the scraper and the disc, and some particles pass along the scraper. Scroll to the edge of the plate in the direction of the direction, and continue to roll the powder, and it will increase from small after several cycles to reach the end of the finished product along the edge of the plate. The factors affecting the pelletization of the disc are: the diameter of the disc, the angle of inclination, the height of the side, the speed, the position where the liquid is sprayed, and the position of the scraper.

2. The advantages of the disc type fertilizer granulator machine:
(1) it has a good classification effect, can control the solution to be sprayed on the fine particles, so the ball formation rate is high, and large particles are generated less;
(2) All operations are intuitive, and can be adjusted in time according to the granulation situation during operation
(3) There is greater flexibility in the production of any product, and the range of granularity control is wide;
(4) Less investment. The disadvantage is that the collection of dust and smoke is difficult, and ammoniation cannot be performed effectively; at the same time, it is limited to granulation using slurry or melt with low viscosity. This disc granulator has been widely used in small-scale mixed fertilizer production.
(5).Production capacity depends on the performance of specific materials.
(6).Particle size is determined according to user needs.