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Double-screws Turning Machine-thefertilizermachine

The double-screws turning machine-thefertilizermachine is one new type large-output organic fertilizer compost fermentation turning machine in the  organic fertilizer production line .  this double-screws turning machine can finish the deep depth turning of organic fertilizer compost materials. the raw materials inclucing  livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, dregs cake and straw sawdust.
The double-screws turning machine is used for fermenting and dump of organic wastes. It is widely used in the fermentation and removal of water in organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge waste plant, gardening farm and BIS mushroom plant. 
The turning machine is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting. As a new type of machinery, it is still not known in the national product catalogue, but it is fast propagate in the family of fertilizer machinery and equipment, which is the main product of the development trend of the compost industry to replace the handset and the handset for the dump of the material. it is used in the bio organic fertilizer production line and chicken manure organic fertilizer production line with large output.