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Benefits of Drum Screeners in NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Drum screening machine is a commonly used equipment in the NPK fertilizer production line. It is mainly used for the separation of finished products and returned materials. The combined screen is easy to maintain and replace. The machine has a simple structure, convenient operation and stable operation. Here are its benefits:

1. equipment noise is low. During the operation of the compound fertilizer production line equipment, the noise generated by the material and the rotating screen is completely isolated by the sealed dust cover, so that the noise cannot be transmitted to the outside of the equipment, thereby reducing the equipment noise.

2. high screening efficiency. Because the equipment is equipped with a plate-type screening mechanism, during the screening process, no matter how sticky, wet, and heterogeneous the materials entering the separation screen, the relative movement of the screening machine and the screen body can never block the screen, thereby improving the equipment. Screening efficiency.

3. Good working environment. The entire screening mechanism is designed in a sealed dust cover, which completely eliminates the dust flying phenomenon during the screening process, thereby improving the working environment.

4. convenient maintenance. The equipment observation windows on both sides of the equipment's sealed dust cover. Workers can observe the operation of the equipment at any time during work. There is a quick opening door for maintenance at the end of the sealing cover and the side of the cleaning machine mechanism, which is very convenient during regular maintenance of the equipment and does not affect it. Normal operation of the device.

5. Long service life. The equipment screen is composed of several circular flat steels with a size of 16mm × 12mm, and its cross-sectional area is much larger than the cross-sectional area of the screen bar of other separation equipment, so the service life is improved.

A detailed understanding of the benefits of the drum screening machine in the compound fertilizer production line can be used skillfully in production, mastered flexibly, and exerted more value. Our hot-selling products include compound fertilizer equipment, rotary coating machine, rotary cooler, cage grinder, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer machine.