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The important role of fermentation equipment in the biofertilizer project

The location of the fermentation equipment in the biofertilizer project is very high. The quality of organic fertilizers depends to a large extent on the fermentation process. Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is very important throughout the production process. The heating time of organic fertilizer equipment in organic fertilizer fermentation refers to the composting process. In the early stages, the temperature of the compost gradually increased from ambient temperature to 45 °C. Microorganisms are mainly mesophilic microorganisms.

When the organic fertilizer is fermented at a high temperature at a high temperature, the temperature rises above 45 ° C and enters a high temperature period. At this time, mesophilic microorganisms are squeezed or even die, while thermophilic microorganisms rise to dominant microorganisms. Prior to granulation, organic fertilizer granulators continue to undergo oxidative differentiation in compost and newly formed soluble organic matter, and disordered organic matter such as hemicellulose and protein also begins to strongly differentiate.

In short, the compost turner machine is very important in the production line of bio-organic fertilizers is indispensable. Here we look at the characteristics of some chain plate turning machines:
1. It adopts the chain drive and rolling support plate structure, which has low turning resistance and energy saving, and is suitable for deep groove operation.
2. The flip tray is equipped with a flexible tensioning and elastic damping system to protect the drive system and working parts efficiently.
3. The tumbling pallet is equipped with 390 pieces of detachable wear-resistant curved cutters, which has strong crushing ability and good oxygenation effect.
4. When turning over, the material stays on the pallet for a long time, the high position is scattered, and the air is in full contact, which is easy to reduce moisture.
5. It can realize the turning operation of any position in the groove by horizontal and vertical displacement, which is flexible and flexible.
6. The lifting and lowering of working parts is controlled by hydraulic system, which is flexible and safe.
7. It can remotely control the machine to move forward, traverse, turn over and quickly retreat to improve the operating environment.
8. Optional trough type raw material distributing machine, automatic discharging device, solar fermentation room and ventilation and aeration system.
9. Equipped with a shifting machine to change the slot can realize a multi-slot operation of a turning machine, saving investment.