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The fertilization technology of cabbage(two)

 Disposable fertilizer fertilizing technology of cabbage:
1, before transplanting colonization in accordance with the specifications, hole diameter (upper) 13-15cm, 10 - 12cm, Thoroughly mix all the fertilizer used in the whole growth period and apply evenly to the bottom of the fertilization hole,Digging the pond 8-10cm in front of the fertilizer hole, transplanting cabbage seedlings,put the soil cover the fertilizer by the way.Plant root and hole fertilizer always maintain a close range of 8-10cm, both easy to absorb and will not cause burning seedlings.
2,Cabbage in the transplanting or after transplanting 15 days to 20 days,Dig a fertilizer hole at the center of every 4 plants, the depth is 13-15cm, hole diameter (upper) 10 - 12cm, the whole growth period to all the fertilizer after mixing evenly applied to each fertilization cave bottom, immediately covered soil.
Cabbage in the preparation of land, the whole growth period of the fertilizer to be fully mixed, evenly spread on the arable land, through repeated rake, fertilizer and soil full of mixing, to reach the entire top layer of soil and fertilizer blending, and put whole soil transplanting.

Now, Let me introduce the Rotary Drum Granulator.
Rotary Drum Granulator
Drum granulator works principle:
This series of drum granulator working principle is: the main motor drive belt and pulley, through the reducer drive to the drive shaft, through the installation of the open shaft on the gear and fixed on the body of the large gear teeth And work together. The material is fed from the feed end through the inside of the cylinder. Through the role of the internal structure of the cylinder, made of particles, and finally out through the outlet. As the material continues to enter, granulator of the continuous rotation, in order to achieve mass production.
 The machine is the major machine of NPK Fertilizer Production Line.
 The Advantages of NPK Fertilizer Production Line:
1. Raw meterials are extremely versatile
2. It has a high balling rate and the survival rate of biological bacteria.
3. It has a short process flow