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Organic fertilizer granulator machine daily maintenance guide

Organic fertilizer granulator machine must pay attention to daily maintenance.

Do a good job of running in the engine after a new machine or overhaul. According to the manufacturer's technical requirements and trial operation specifications, the running-in trial operation shall be carried out carefully, and shall be tested and adjusted. In this way, a smoother and harder bearing surface and a suitable fitting gap are obtained, which provides a good basic condition for carrying loads and the service life of the matching parts. With the organic fertilizer granulator machine, After the trial operation, the necessary technical maintenance should be carried out according to the technical status of the machine.
Use qualified oil and water. The fuel and lubricating oil used in tractors and engines must meet the specified quality standards, and the appropriate oil brand number should be selected according to the season, region and engine speed range.
The cooling water should be soft water with little calcium and magnesium mineral content. The easy way to soften hard water is to precipitate hard water after boiling In general production practice. Every 1000 hours of engine operation, the scale of the cooling system must be washed to improve the heat dissipation performance of the engine.
fertilizer granulator

To properly operate the tractor and engine, do not work with overload and over-speed for a long time. Slam the throttle, start smoothly, turn slowly at low speed, and avoid sharp turns and brakes as much as possible.