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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Crop Fertilization?

With the increasing of agricultural crops and commercial crops, the quantity demands of  organic fertilizer and npk compound fertilizer is increasing,  but how to apply the fertilizer rightly? how can improve the efficiency of crop fertilization and reduce the loss of fertilizer? following is the brief introduction of the way to apply fertilizer appropriately.
 (1) Nitrogen fertilizer should be applied appropriately in places with good light conditions to promote the nutritional growth and reproductive growth of crops; less nitrogen fertilizer should be applied in places with poor light conditions, to prevent crops from greening and ripening late.
(2) When the light is strong, fertilizer should be applied into deeper depth to prevent photolysis and volatilization, and more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied to improve the utilization rate of water.
(3) With the increase of the leaf area coefficient of the crop, the leaf surface fertilizer should be appropriately increased, but it should be applied after 4 hours in the morning and to reduce losses.
(4) Excessive nitrogen fertilizer should not be applied in rainy seasons. The first is to prevent excessive crop growth, the second is to prevent fertilizer loss, and the third is to prevent water pollution.
(5) In case of drought and little rain, an appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be added. Increasing potassium fertilizer can improve the drought resistance, and increasing phosphate fertilizer can improve the utilization rate of water.
(6) In terms of operation method, it should be noted that when the soil moisture content is the highest,high concentration fertilizer should be properly applied, that is; but the dosage should be small, and a certain distance should be kept from the crop plants. When weather is dry, should increase the application of low concentration fertilizer and watering.
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