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Production of organic fertilizer using humic acid

Humic acid is a mixture of natural organic macromolecular compounds. Widely found in nature, the proportion of humic acid in soil is the largest. Soil humic acid is a physicochemical heterogeneous complex. The molecular weight of the mixture is polydisperse. The mixture is composted of natural, high molecular weight, yellow to black, amorphous, gelatinous, fatty and aromatic organic polyelectrolyte composition, not represented by a single chemical structural formula.

Humic acid fertilizer is an organic fertilizer. Natural humic acid is formed by decomposition of plant residues. It’s widely found in dry soil, river mud and shallow buried weathered coal, grass charcoal and lignite, containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements, has a certain fertilizer effect, but most of them are difficult to dissolve dry water, if combined with potassium, sodium, ammonium and other substances, dried and ammoniated, it is easy to be absorbed by plants as nutrients

Humic acid can be applied as a unit fertilizer or as a compound fertilizer mainly composed of humic acid. Humic acid fertilizer is a multi-component compound fertilizer composed of humic acid as a main component and combined with other fertilizer elements and substances. It is called black fertilizer in form. Because it combines organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, long-acting and quick-acting functions, it is also called organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer or black chemical fertilizer. Because it has the functions of stimulation and buffering, it can also be called stimulating fertilizer, buffer fertilizer, breathing fertilizer; because it is an essence derived from coarse crystals such as peat, it can also be called peat essence.

So how do you use humic acid to make organic fertilizer? As we all know, the first step,also very important step of the organic fertilizer production line is fermentation. First, the raw materials containing humic acid and other raw materials, such as peat, are piled up for fermentation. The raw material moisture needs to be controlled at a certain humidity to facilitate fermentation. At the same time, in the second half of the fermentation, the organic fertilizer compost turning machine can be used for the uniform turning of the materials, increasing the ventilation and oxygen content, greatly shortening the fermentation time and improving the fermentation quality. After the fermentation, other equipment such as a crusher machine,mixer machine,granulator machine can be used to crush and stir the compost, and granulate the powdery fertilizer to obtain a humic acid organic fertilizer with good quality and high nutrition.