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The importance of organic fertilizer granulator equipment in the production process of organic fertilizer


Organic fertilizer equipment is professional equipment for producing organic fertilizers. The result of organic fertilizer is mainly powder and granules, the granules are mainly divided into cylindrical granules and spherical granules, the production of powder organic fertilizer is very simple. The process combination of organic fertilizer equipment is sorting, drying, fermentation, crushing, mixing and packaging. The production of granular organic fertilizer is more complicated and can be realized by a disc granulator and a stirring granulator. Among them, the production of spherical organic fertilizer granules is more complicated. The production of spherical organic fertilizer is based on the production of granular organic fertilizer, adding organic fertilizer throwing machine, drum screening machine, organic fertilizer packaging machine, etc. The granulator is the organic fertilizer production process. important part.

During the operation of the organic fertilizer production line, the organic material obtained by fermentation in the reaction tower, urea, ammonium, etc, are added to the disc mixer in a specific ratio, and then sent to the granulator for granulation after mixing evenly. In the granulator, the material forms a mechanical fluidized bed at a certain rotational speed, during which an appropriate amount of steam is added to provide corresponding heat and moisture for the granulation process, and then an appropriate amount of circulating washing liquid obtained by subsequent exhaust gas washing is sprayed to promote the material to agglomerate Granulate.

To determine the shape of the particles is to choose what kind of granulator: powder, column, oblate or standard round. Commonly used granulating organic fertilizer equipment is: disc granulator, drum granulator, wet granulator, double roller press granulator, flat die granulator, ring die granulator. The selection of the granulator should be determined according to the local fertilizer sales market. The particle shape is different, the process of organic fertilizer equipment is also different, and the price of organic fertilizer equipment is also different.