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Is the foliar-fertilizer so hot?Can replace traditional fertilizer?

Fruit tree foliar-fertilizer is a kind of liquid fertilizer, the spraying part is the leaf surface of fruit trees.It is similar to pesticide, which is absorbed through leaf surface and then transported to specific parts of the plant to meet the needs of plant growth.As we know that foliar fertilizer is a kind of liquid fertilizer, so it is more beneficial to plant absorption than our traditional fertilizer and it will work faster.
So what's the advantages?
1.Strong Targeted,could supply nutrition which the plant lacks.In the process of plant growth and development, its deficiency can be reflected quickly from the leaf surface if a certain element is lacking.The seeding tends to be yellow, when nitrogen is lacking;The seeding tends to be red when phosphate is lacking;The lack of potassium could cause the plant growth retardation, then leaf color looks dark green, and finally appear orange color point.Could spray the lacking element in time according to the missing element of plant leaves to improve the symptoms.
2. Nutrient absorption fast with good effect.Generally foliar fertilization is faster than root and can replenish the plant's nutrient needs in a short time.For example, spray with 1%-2% concentration urea liquid, plant can absorb one Third after 24 hours. Spray with 2% concentration calcium superphosphate liquid,can be transmitted to all parts of the plant after 5 minutes.
3.When the soil is too drought can’t use root fertilizer, Fertilization foliar fertilizer also can get the purpose.
4.Avoid soil fixation, leaching, and improve efficiency.Due to the influence of soil acidity, water content and soil microorganism, the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer applied to the soil were fixed and lost, and the fertilizer efficiency was reduced.Foliar fertilization can avoid this phenomenon and improve the efficiency.
5.Save Fertilizer, low cost and simple operation.Compared with soil fertilization, the amount used of foliar fertilization is only one-tenth to one-fifth of soil fertilizing.Foliar fertilization can also be used in combination with pesticide.
foliar-fertilizer Can not  replace traditional fertilizer
With the above analysis it can get that the foliar fertilizer is very important for the growth of fruit trees, but we know that nothing can be perfect, foliar fertilizer is no exception, it also has the  big disadvantages, just most companies belie the fact .So what is the downside?
1.The amount applied is small.If we want to achieve our ideal fertilization, we need to spray many times,it will increase our labor cost.
2.The weather influenced too much.It require very strict weather when spray, it is useless if meet raining or wind, completely wasted labor and fertilizer.
3.Unicity. Currently, there are few types of foliar fertilizer, which can not help us to solve most problems, which relative restriction on the mechanization of fertilization.
Anyhow, foliar fertilizer play an non-negligible status in some specific aspects,plays an important role in the development of fruit industry , but because of other factors such as development lag, caused the foliar fertilizer can't replace traditional fertilizer in a long time.So regarding to foliar fertilizer we need rational judgment,combination with other fertilizers, in order to achieve our desired results.

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