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Knowledge of fertilizer1

What are the factors affecting the release of nutrients in the soil?    
Ground temperature, crops absorb fast, humidity.
Which points should be noticed in the use of controlled-release fertilizer for wheat? 
1. Using high nitrogen and high phosphorus formula;
2. the appropriate amount;
3. in the green period to 10-15 pounds per acre applied fertilizer, urea;
Four in fine sowing, we should pay attention to the isolation of fertilizer.
What are the points for the use of controlled-release fertilizers in rice? 
1. Should use the formula of potassium in phosphorus in high nitrogen. be appropriate;
3.It needs topdressing in the green youth, 20-30 kg of urea per acre;
4.When it is floating, it can be wetted with water and then sprinkled it.
What point should pay attention when using controlled release fertilizer? 
1.Pay attenion to the isolation of seeds and fertilizer. 
2.Pay attention to appropriate the formula, the amount 
3.Pay attention to scientific Application method.
4.Pay attention to split application at Sand, saline land. 
What is the law of wheat need fertilizer?   
The average medium fertility level is about 3kg of nitrogen, 1 ~ 1.5kg of phosphorus and 2.5~3.1kg of potassium per 100kg of wheat grain.
What’s the need of corn fertilizer law?   
Each kilogram of corn requires 2.5 kilograms of pure nitrogen, 1.2 kilograms of phosphorus pentoxide, 2.0 kilograms of potassium oxide, and 1: 0.48: 0.8 of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The amount of fertilizer needed increases with the increase of the yield level.
What’s the difference of peanut lack nitrogen and iron?
Nitrogen deficiency can cause thin yellow plants, peanut iron deficiency will cause the upper part of the new yellow leaves.    
What are the symptoms of phosphorus deficiency?   
Root growth is not good, the plant is short, the stem leaf is purple red.
What are the symptoms of potassium deficiency?   
Yellow on the lower edge of the leaf, which is scorched.
What’s the reason of compound fertilizer is caked?   
When the surface of fertilizer particles is wet and dry again, salt bridge is formed between the particles, resulting in fertilizer caking.

Now, I would like to introduce you the Granulating Production Line:

Features of Production Line:
1. The spiral section design of the mixing section is reasonable and unique, stirring is even, and the material entering and discharging is rapid
2. Computer automatic batching/mixing/packaging in one, it uses the twist cage feeding method, and it has the small footprint, less labor and reduce the investment.
3. The entire equipment is made of the stainless steel, it has the corrosion resistance, and the long service life.

Granulating Production Line

1. Ingredients precise
2. Mix evenly
3.Accurate packaging
4.Unique craft
5.Advanced technology
6. Simple and practical

The main machine of the Granulating Production Line is Multiple Hoppers-Multiple Scale Batching System and Roller Press Granulators.etc.