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Fertilizer machine manufacturers introduce organic fertilizer quality identification methods

With the rapid development of agriculture, crops and fertilizers are inseparable, and organic fertilizer is an indispensable fertilizer in agricultural development. The raw materials of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process are agricultural straw waste and livestock waste. The crushed straw and livestock manure are mixed with each other, and after high-temperature fermentation and decomposing, they are processed into commercial fertilizer through organic fertilizer production line equipment.

Organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients, but there are also unqualified fertilizers mixed into it, such as too much raw material, too long crushed straw, etc. As a manufacturer of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process and organic fertilizer production process equipment, we introduce the following methods to identify fertilizer quality:
organic fertilizer granulesorganic fertilizer granules
1) Take a water cup with bubble method, soak the organic fertilizer sample in water, then crush the organic fertilizer soaked in water by hand, mix the raw material of organic fertilizer intuitively, and place it for a period of time. If the organic fertilizer and water are stratified in a short time, it means that the proportion of organic fertilizer is large and the soil is more.

(2) Hand twisting method uses organic fertilizer as raw material and rolls back and forth with thumb and index finger. If there is feeling of hand injury, there will be sand or other impurities.

3) Smell the smell of the fertilizer carefully to see if there is ammonia, manure or silt smell. The decomposed organic fertilizer should be a mature smell after being regularly thrown by the compost turning machine.

4) After selecting organic fertilizer, some organic fertilizer was not applied to crops, and the performance of the plant was observed. Good organic fertilizer had obvious influence on the growth, yield and quality of the plant.

5) Check whether the packaging meets the specifications and whether it is approved for production (generally approved production does not have its own factory and has no source of raw materials).

6) The organic fertilizer machine manufacturer pointed out that using the strain test method, take a water cup and put the organic fertilizer into it, sprinkle a little water (be careful not to soak the water, wet the line), and place it in a warm and suitable place. A good organic fertilizer will Take the head out of the white Pythium, the broken organic fertilizer particles will also see white mycelium inside.