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How to maintain the crawler compost turner machine?

The daily maintenance of the crawler compost turner machine is necessary to ensure the stable use of the equipment. The crawler dumper adopts the patented hydraulic lifting and lifting shaft design, which can lift when the work site is changed and the height of the dumper needs to be changed. Adjust the height of the auger and the ground to make the operation more convenient. It has the characteristics of compact design, simple operation and saving work space. The specific method is as follows:

Maintenance method of crawler compost turner machine:
1. Regularly check whether all nut connections are loose;
2. Regularly check the wear of the blades of the flipping drum blades and whether the bolts are loose;
3. Regularly check the tension of the belt in the wheel cover;
4. Add grease to the bearings regularly;
5. Regular inspection of diesel;
6. After the hydraulic system is operated for 200 hours, all the hydraulic oil should be prevented and controlled, the impurities in the hydraulic system filters should be removed, and it should be checked whether the filter element needs to be replaced; the filter should be reused after filtering according to the cleanliness of the discharged hydraulic oil.

When the crawler dumper discharges hydraulic oil, the cylinder rod should be retracted into the cylinder barrel first; the hydraulic system should be cleaned every 800 hours of work.

Periodic inspection and maintenance of crawler compost turner machine can greatly improve equipment use time and performance, reduce potential safety hazards, reduce accident rates and equipment failure rates, thereby improving the efficiency of biofertilizer project. It is recommended that equipment maintenance and maintenance systems be developed.