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How to maintain cattle manure fermentation compost turner machine?

During the production of biofertilizer project, the maintenance of the equipment is also very important. Doing regular maintenance can extend the life of your equipment and replace unqualified parts in time to avoid accidents during the operation and affect the equipment. The normal production will cause you losses.
compost turner machine
I.Daily maintenance of cow manure fermentation organic fertilizer compost turner machine:
Maintenance of the stacker should be performed once a week when it is not frequently operated and daily maintenance of the stacker when it is frequently operated. Its maintenance content:
1. Semi-maintenance inspection (after working for 10 hours), check whether each connecting bolt, nut and oil drain plug is loose.
2. Check the bolts in each part for any defects in the cotter pins and replace them in time (the cotter pins cannot be replaced by other objects).
3. Check whether the turning knife is missing and whether the fastening bolts are loose. If necessary, make up, tighten or replace the new knife.
4. Check whether the joints of electrical appliances are fastened and the insulation of the wires is good. Repair or replace them in time if necessary.
5. Check whether the fastening screws of diesel engine, gearbox, bearing block and other parts are loose.
6. Clean up the board attachments on the stacker.
7. Check the remaining amount of fuel tank and water tank.

II. Periodic maintenance of cow manure fermentation organic fertilizer compost turner machine
1. After working for one season, replace the gearbox gear oil, check the bearings of each part, disassemble and clean it with new butter, and install it. If it is worn out, it should be replaced.
2. Remove the cab seat and the cover under the seat, and check and tighten the bolts on the drive shaft. Prevent the shaft from tilting and breaking due to loosening of the drive shaft due to loose bolts on the drive shaft seat.
3. In winter, antifreeze should be added to the water tank. If the antifreeze is not added, warm water should be added before the operation. After the operation, the water in the water tank, the body and the cooler should be drained to prevent being frozen.
4. Check whether the electrical appliances work normally and the circuit insulation performance is good. Replace the connected wires if necessary.
5. For long-term operation of the stacker, all exposed parts should be oil-proof and rust-proof, and should be covered when placed outdoors.

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