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How to make bio organic fertilizer from wood chips?

Sawdust is a waste of wood processing and an excellent material for biofertilizer project. The operation method of fermenting sawdust into bio organic fertilizer by using fertilizer starter is as follows:
bio organic fertilizer production

Control the moisture: Pour the bagged raw wood chips in the fermentation tank, wet with water, grasp the appropriate moisture content is 60% -65%, and then add 1 kg sawdust starter strain per cubic wood chips, mix well.

Build pile fermentation: Build piles while spreading bacteria, pile height 1.2-1.5 meters (remember not to be less than 80 cm), 2 meters wide, the length of the pile can be freely adjusted according to the amount of fermentation material, the general length should not be less than 2 meters, The total volume of a single fermentation reactor is not less than 3 cubic meters. After the sawdust fermentation reactor is completed, insert a thermometer into the heap and observe its temperature change.

Fermentation and overturning: The temperature rises to over 60 ℃ in about one week after the pile is built. When this high temperature lasts for 1-2 days, the first pile turning is performed. Pay attention to the degree of mixing of materials during the pile turning, so that the pile turning process also becomes a mixing process. After the first pile turning by the compost turner machine, the temperature reached a high temperature of more than 60 ° C again, and the second pile turning was performed. During the pile turning, local dry materials were found, and water was sprayed to suitable moisture content. The third or fourth turn is the same as the second turn. After that, it enters the stage of sawdust fermentation; the temperature is between 45 ° C and 50 ° C. At this stage, the fermentation pile can be turned 1-2 times as needed until the fermentation process ends.

Inspection standard: After fermentation of wood chips, the color is uniform brown, actinomycetes cover the entire pile, and the material feels soft and elastic. At this time, it indicates that the wood chips have matured and the fermentation process is over. After fermentation, the sawdust must pass the inspection of the physical and chemical properties of the product such as moisture, PH value and EC value. The general pH value is 5.5-7.5, the EC value is less than 1.5, and the moisture is controlled at 30% -40%.
Fermentation of wood chips with fertilizer and fermenting agent is fast, the added amount is small and the cost is greatly reduced. The cost is less than one-third of similar products abroad. The operation is greatly simplified. It's all good.