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Method for processing poultry dung by using organic fertilizer compost turner machine

For many large-scale farmers, some reasonable treatment methods are required to treat pig manure and chicken manure. The treatment of manure pollution is fully fermented by an organic fertilizer compost turner machine and then produced by a complete set of organic fertilizer equipment to turn this problem into a new profit point of enterprise.
poultry manure compost turner machine
In the past two months, as pig prices rose, breeding pigs were out of stock. Hundreds of pigs produced every month are not enough to sell. "This favorable market may be the happiest scene for pig farmers this year. On the one hand, it is a joy, and on the other hand, it causes the headache of manure pollution. The chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, and sheep manure for rural casual farmers How to deal with it?

Large-scale organic fertilizer production lines are not advisable. Do we share or use little organic fertilizer equipment to build a small-scale organic fertilizer production line? Not only did the pig manure of their own farms be processed, but they could also find new revenue points for the sale of organic fertilizer.

Process flow of small organic fertilizer production line:
Compost turner machine →fertilizer crusher →fertilizer mixer → fertilizer granulator machine→ Rounding machine →Dryer → Cooler →Screening machine → Conveyor → Automatic packaging machine

The choice of flipping fermentation method in the production of organic fertilizer is very important. At present, the industry mainly has a variety of self-propelled, trough, and other flipping fermentation methods, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the compost turner machine according to your own scale. Zhengzhou Tianci heavy machinery Ltd. integrates design, research and development, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. It has high-quality equipment and top-ranking services. It is designed with customer concepts before sales. On-site installation and commissioning during sales. Complete after-sales service and equipment for life service.