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Analysis of new granulation technology for compound fertilizer

There are two types of traditional NPK fertilizer production line granulation processes: one is the rotary granulation process, and the other is the disc granulation process. The rotary granulation process is suitable for the production of high-concentration compound fertilizers, but is used to produce low-concentration compound fertilizers. When fertilizing, the material is too large, the particles are not round, and the product quality is not high. The disc granulation process is suitable for producing medium and low concentration compound fertilizers. If it is used to produce high concentration compound fertilizers, it is difficult to granulate and the yield is low. Therefore, the existing two types of compound fertilizer equipment granulation processes have their limitations. In order to save investment, most compound fertilizer equipment manufacturers often use the disc granulation process or drum granulation process, but the production of compound fertilizer has developed to the present. The compound fertilizer production line using only any of the above granulation processes has restricted the development of the enterprise. The market demand is for high-grade, medium, and low-concentration compound fertilizers. For many compound fertilizer equipment manufacturers, investing in two production lines, a drum granulation process and a disc granulation process are difficult and unrealistic. Moreover, the design utilization is not high.

In order to increase the applicability of NPK fertilizer production line, improve equipment utilization, and meet the needs of compound fertilizer manufacturers, we have developed a new drum and disc combined compound fertilizer equipment granulation based on years of compound fertilizer production line process and equipment research experience. Process, that is, a disc type fertilizer granulator machine is connected in series behind the drum fertilizer granulator machine. Through the mechatronics technology and the use of computer batching system to control the feeding point, the advantages of the two processes can be fully utilized to produce on the same production line. High-quality high-, medium-, and low-concentration multi-grade compound fertilizer products.

Compared with the traditional process, the new compound granulation equipment combined granulation process has the following advantages:
1. Less equipment investment, wide applicability, high production efficiency;
2.The formula can be adjusted flexibly, which is convenient for the production of multi-grade compound fertilizer products such as high, medium and low concentration and controlled release fertilizers;
3. Improved production control performance, less labor intensity and large output;
4.The content of the finished product is uniform, and the particle quality is good.