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NPK compound fertilizer production line supporting equipment details

 Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery compound fertilizer equipment manufacturer will introduce you to the complete set of NPK fertilizer production line equipment:

1. The core part of the NPK compound fertilizer equipment is of course the fertilizer granulator machine, there are disc granulator machine, roll granulator machine, drum granulator equipment and other granulation equipment, according to the characteristics of raw materials, select suitable granulation equipment;

2. After the granulation is completed, we need to properly dry according to the specific conditions of the fertilizer granules, and the drying requires a professional three-cylinder dryer equipment to assist the completion.

3. After the completion of drying, some processes still need to cool the material, of course, the help of the rotary cooler will be used;

4. Mixing equipment such as mixer machine and crusher will be used from the preparation of compound fertilizer.

5. After the materials are prepared, the materials are conveyed by the belt conveyor to the fertilizer granulator machine for granulation. The common conveying equipments are: belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, etc.

6. Packaging is a process in the NPK fertilizer production line. After the packaging is completed, the fertilizer particles can be stacked and stacked. The raw material accumulation fermentation equipment has a compost turning machine and a plate chain turner. A new design that realizes one machine and multiple slots, effectively saving space and equipment investment costs.

7. When the fertilizer granules are dried and cooled, they need to be sieved, and the unqualified fertilizer granules are returned to the silo for re-crushing in the production, and the qualified product granules are common: the drum type and the vibrating type.

The complete set of NPK fertilizer production line equipment described above can meet the needs of medium and large-scale compound fertilizer equipment manufacturers. If you are interested in our products, you can inquire.