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Organic And NPK Fertilizer Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic packaging machine is used for the automatic quantitative packing in the production of organic fertilizer and npk compound fertilizer. Which  can be divided into semi-automatic packaging scales and automatic packaging scales. The packing scale is mainly composed of automatic quantitative packing scale (contain storage hopper, feeder, weighing, clipping bag, Knead instruction, computer control panel, pneumatic valve and so on) and optional parts (conveyor, sewing machine / heat sealing machine ) composition. Adopted screw feeder, forced material feeding and discharging.
There are three types pakcing machine: Granules automatic quantitative packing machine, powder automatic quantitative packing machine, and special automatic quantitative packing machine.

Features of automatic pakcing machine:
  High precision: use high-precision weighing controller, with good stability.
  Good design: machine is small, flexible and easy to install.
  Feeding Speed adjustable: powder material feeding through screw feeder, could automatic control fast feeding and slow feeding,feeding speed can be set any time. 
  Environmental protection: closed internal circulation system, prevent dust flying effectively, improve the working environment, protect the operator's health.
  Reasonable structure: compact structure, small size, could custom fixed or mobile machine according to user requirements .
Working principle of Automatic packaging machine:   
The material is fed into the weighing hopper by the feeding part (pneumatic valve. After receiving the weight signal from the sensor, the controller works according to the preset program value. 
When the weight is close to target value,automatic stop fast feeding gate;Enter to middle feeding (middle feeding gate,slow feeding gate open at the same time).When the weight is almost same with target value,automatic stop middle feeding gate.Enter to slow feeding.
When the weight is same with target value,automatic stop slow feeding gate,all feeding gate is completely closed.Finished weighing. When Clip bag signal automatic start, all feeding gate and weighing hopper open,when weight reach the target value, all feeding gate and weighing hopper closed.Bag is automatic falls on the belt conveyor, convey to sewing machine for next process, while the weighing controller enter to next cycle.