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Organic fertilizer can protect water and soil fertility

Soil organic matter in nature, mainly from the ground vegetation, as well as soil microorganisms and soil animals, roots of plant debris.It is a stable humic substance formed by complex biochemical processes and is closely bound with soil particles(this process is called Fermentation Compost of organic fertilizer materials). It is a main body of soil organic matter and a major part of the total organic matter. It is one of the main indicators of soil fertility level.

1.Humus is usually an organic colloid,because of its huge surface area and surface energy, it has an important effect on the adsorption of soluble nutrients. The substitution of humus is four or five times larger than that of clay, which can enhance soil fertility

2.Soil porosity increases because of organic matter has loose soil effect,thereby it can improve soil water permeability. The water absorption of humus is 10 times of that of clay, and the pore condition of soil is improved.It can significantly improve the soil water retention.

3, Soil humus is weak acid, and its salts have amphoteric colloid properties, which can buffer acid base change of soil solution, and its acidity can promote reaction with insoluble phosphorus and increase solubility of phosphorus.

4, fresh humus is a good soil structure cement,It Can promote good structure formation, increase soil looseness, permeability. The formation of a large aggregate structure is related to the abundance of organic matter. Fungal hyphae wound soil aggregate structure is more stable. Soil organic matter is a dark color, endothermic and increase soil temperature. Affect water and heat conditions.
Actually we have very specialized organic fertilizer production line, through the organic fertilizer production line for granulation, aspect, simple.
New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

This New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator is a new patented product researched and developed by our company and the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, which adopts new  design and manufacturing technology : wet continuous push rod granulation.It has obtained the state practical patent. It is used for granulation for all kinds of organic matter after fermentation, crushing through the conventional organic prilling before granulating need not to dry and crush the raw materials. It can direct burdening to work out cylindrical grain, can save a lot of energy.