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The main composition and function of organic fertilizer equipment screening machine

 The organic fertilizer equipment screening machine can be used to finely screen various fertilizers. It is very practical equipment. Here is a detailed explanation of the main components and functions of the organic fertilizer equipment screening machine.

The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a group of machine-linked equipment. Each organic fertilizer equipment has its own irreplaceability. Just like a crusher can crush materials, it is impossible to replace the fertilizer granulator machine to granulate. The mixer can only stir the material but can’t crush the material, so a radish pit, this cannot be changed at will, organic fertilizer screening machine is also an important part, screening can distinguish the desired material from the unqualified product, the qualified product is bagged and transported, the unqualified product will be smash and stirred to re-form the granules.

There are two kinds of organic fertilizer equipment screening machines: one is the drum type screening machine. The other is the vibration type screening machine.

First, the drum type sieving machine belongs to the organic fertilizer screening equipment, which is commonly used in organic fertilizer manufacturing process. It adopts a combined screen, which is more suitable for cleaning and replacement. The efficiency of screening is relatively high. The noise during work is also relatively small, and the amount of dust is small.

Second, the vibrating screening machine is mainly designed for the screening of compound fertilizer. Its screening structure is divided into single layer and double layers. The screen made of high quality manganese steel has very good material and very good structure. it’s simple and easy to operate. The mesh holes on the machine can be customized according to the size of the customer's needs.

Commissioning of organic fertilizer equipment screening machine installation
The organic fertilizer screening device is installed obliquely on the frame. The motor is connected to the roller device through the coupling through the reducer, and the driving roller device rotates around its axis. When the material enters the roller device, due to the tilting and rotation of the roller device, The material on the screen surface is turned over and rolled, so that the qualified material is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum, and the unqualified material is discharged through the discharge port at the tail of the drum.