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Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Thchnology from the of Sheep Manure

 1.The raw materials of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Thchnology from the of Sheep Manure

    The application of biological fermentation technology, the animal manure and crop straw are fermented rapidly to achieve the effect of heating up, deodorization and harmlessness, and organic fertilizer is made, which not only reuses the waste, but also reduces the production and investment cost of farmers.

Organic fertilizers produced by fermentation with biological compound bacteria have the following characteristics: high degree of harmlessness, improvement of soil, benefit to absorption, slow increase of efficiency, increase of income, increase of soil fertility, balance nutrition, improve crop product quality and increase crop yield, which promotes the development of characteristic agriculture in the whole world. Sheep are ruminant animals, they drink a little water, so the feces is dry and thin, excretion is less, sheep dung is a kind of hot fertilizer between horse dung, urine and cow dung, urine. The nutrition contained in sheep feces is relatively abundant, one part can be easily decomposed and absorbed by crops, the other part is not easily decomposed. It is a good fertilizer that combines fast and slow fertilizer effects and is suitable for various types of soil application.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Thchnology from the of Sheep ManureOrganic Fertilizer Fermentation Thchnology from the of Sheep ManureOrganic Fertilizer Fermentation Thchnology from the of Sheep Manure

  Sheep dung is fermented by the compost of the bacteria, which is mixed with the crushed straw and biological compound bacteria, and then through aerobic and anaerobic fermentation becomes an efficient organic fertilizer. Organic matter content in sheep dung is 24% ~ 27%, nitrogen content is 0.7% ~ 0.8%, phosphorus content is 0.45% ~ 0.6%, potassium content is 0.3% ~ 0.6%, organic matter content in sheep urine is 5%, nitrogen content is 1.3% ~ 1.4%, phosphorus content is very little, potassium content is very rich, as high as 2.1% ~ 2.3%. 

2. Fermentation technology of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Thchnology from the of Sheep Manure

    Sheep dung is produced through high temperature sterilization, fermentation and maturation, deodorization and harmless treatment, and combined with special techniques such as microbial fertilizer fermentation bacteria to produce safe and efficient, non-toxic and harmless, comprehensive nutrition, stable property, gradual decomposition, improving disease resistance, promoting healthy seedling, natural organic nutrition, high quality and environmental protection new organic fertilizer.

     Mixing some straws in the sheep manure according to the moisture content of sheep manure, generally the water content of fermentation requirement is 45%. Bological compound bacteria were diluted with water in proportion of 1:300, evenly sprayed into the material pile for mixed fermentation. Adding appropriate amount of corn flour to provide sugar for the fermentation of the bacteria, so that make the multidimensional complex enzyme bacteria quickly took the absolute advantage.  Add the prepared mixture to the horizontal or vertical mixer for even and thorough mixing, mixed ingredients are piled into a long strip between 2.0m and 3.0m wide and 1.5m and 2.0m high. Turnover the compost with fermentation compost turning machine every three days.

  1, when on the third day, the compost temperature is 60-80 ℃, kill escherichia coli, eggs and other plant diseases and insect pests; 

  2. Eliminate the stink of sheep dung on the fifth day; 

  3. Compost becomes loose and dry on the 9th day and is covered with white mycelium;

  4. On the 12th day, a fragrance of yeast was released.

  5.Bacterical fertilizer was fermented and matured on the 15th day. 

     The whole fermentation process is completed in 7-15 days.The finished organic fertilizer is fluffy, dark brown, with wine or soil flavor. It is rich in nutrition and is used as nutritious soil for fruits and vegetables, economic crops and seedlings

 It can be crushed by the half-wet crusher machine after drying,and then having the granulation process in the organic ferilizer granulator, following the drying and dewatering process in the rotary dryer, finally after the screening in the fertilizer screener machine, the finished organic fertilizer is packaged by the automatic pacing machine and

stored in the market for the application.

 3.The advantages of organic fertilizer from sheep manure.

    Through biological fermentation process after fermentation of sheep dung can improve soil structure, enhance the effectiveness, biological compound bacterium can stimulate the growth and improve soil chemical activity and biological activity, not only improve the soil fertility, soil water supply capacity, stimulation of crop root growth, enhance the soil drought resistance; and plays an important role in preventing and controlling soil pesticide, heavy metal, organic pollutant pollution and reducing water eutrophication pollution.