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Organic fertilizer granulator: Disc granulator and ecological protection


Because of the development of agriculture, natural and economic conditions are constantly changing, our traditional granulation equipment, has not been able to fully adapt to the requirements of the new situation, then we have a better way,organic fertilizer granulator in the existence of a variety of practical problems related to scientific exploration, so that our organic fertilizer under the traditional experience has a new development, It has also greatly improved our environment. The disc granulator has made a great contribution to it. In the past, we need to adapt ourselves to the development of nature, which has no great impact on our environment. However, with the continuous development of society, this aspect has been changed, and we have the ability to change nature to a certain extent, but we are still passively adapting to the long-term changes of climate and geology. What we can do is only a few limited remedies. Agriculture has always been a major industry that affects our ecological environment. Excessive deforestation and predatory farming, as well as environmental pollution and destruction of natural ecosystems caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides, herbicides and fungicides have all had a huge impact on our environment. Of course, in all the organic fertilizer equipment, the damage to the ecological environment is very small, and can reduce the damage to our ecological environment in other departments to a certain extent.