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Organic fertilizer production line has obvious effect in the treatment of fruit tree stumps

Fruit trees are pruned every year. There are hundreds of tons of pruned branches in an ordinary orchard every year. The larger the scale is, the more abandoned branches will be piled up. If these pruned branches can not be used, they will pile up in the orchard year after year, seriously affecting the safety and normal production of the orchard. It is an economic and reliable method to use the organic fertilizer production line to deal with the tree branch waste of orchard and reuse the organic fertilizer in fruit trees.
Organic fertilizer production line process fruit tree stumps

Pruned tree branches can be fermented as organic fertilizer to enhance the disease resistance of crops. In the process of fermentation of fertilizer starter products, with the rapid propagation of microorganisms and a series of complex biochemical reactions, microorganisms will produce a large number of specific metabolites (such as enzymes, hormones, antibiotics, which are naturally produced by the organism itself, not foreign chemical hormones and antibiotics, but only benefits but not Hormone can stimulate the rapid growth and development of crops, while antibiotics can significantly inhibit the spread of soil borne bacteria, improve the resistance and stress resistance of crops.

However, the crude organic fertilizer which is not fermented does not have these advantages. On the contrary, because of its own pathogenic bacteria, it has become the main source of transmission of crop diseases. After fermentation, the compost should be further processed into granular fertilizer by fertilizer granulator to further improve the fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, it is a good method to make organic fertilizer from these products, which can save pesticide cost and improve economic benefit.

Biological composting of garden waste is an effective measure to clean the garden and compost the land. Organic cultivation of fruit trees can save fertilizer input and improve fruit quality. NPK fertilizer granulator manufacturers recommend that orchard growers use organic fertilizer equipment to ferment the waste that has been pruned each year into high-quality organic fertilizer, which provides a nutritional basis for the production of high-quality fruits and achieves the goal of turning waste into treasure and increasing efficiency.