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Organic Fertilizer Ring Die Garnulator

  The ring die granulator is mainly used in the organic fertilizer production line.  the granulation rate of ring die granulator is higher than 95%,it is one of the main organic fertilizer production equipment produced by our company. on the basis of all kinds of granulating machines in China and abroad, our engineer through repeated research, improvement and meticulous manufacture, the machine adopts gear belt conveyor drive to get higher production efficiency, and the output is at least 15% higher than the traditional granulation machine.
  It is mainly used in organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and feeding processing industry. the surface of the finished product is smooth, the hardness is moderate, the temperature rises in processing is low and can keep the nutrients inside the raw material. at the same time, the machine has excellent desigh technology and simple opetation and  maintenance. it is an ideal equipment for fertilizer enterprises.
This series ring die granulator has many models, the user may choose the different model according to your own output need.
  Granulator mold, mixing and conveying blade are corrosion resistant stainless steel quenched and tempered;Pressure roll casting with manganese and quenching and tempering to achieve corrosion resistance and wear resistance.Thus increases the output, reduces the equipment loss.