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Process characteristics of using fertilizer pelletizer equipment to manufacture cow dung organic fertilizer

Cow dung is a kind of cold fertilizer, and cattle are herbivores. The protein content of cow dung is less, and the grass fiber is more. It is very suitable to be applied in the field with serious soil texture damage, which can increase the permeability of the soil and increase the soil nutrition. It is an economic and reasonable production mode to treat cow dung with organic fertilizer manufacturing line.

With the continuous development of agricultural modernization, the role of organic fertilizer in agricultural production has been paid more and more attention. The agricultural products grown with organic fertilizer have good taste, which can effectively maintain the unique nutrition and taste of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, it also plays an important role in the protection and improvement of soil environment. Nowadays, the role of organic fertilizer in agricultural production is gradually recognized by the masses. There are also more and more enterprises combined with the manufacturing process of organic fertilizer, processing waste to make organic fertilizer.

Classification of NPK fertilizer granulator for cow dung: it is mainly divided into disc organic fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, ring die organic fertilizer pelletizer, drum granulator, roller press granulator, etc.
cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing line

The organic fertilizer produced by the cow manure organic fertilizer granulator has comprehensive nutrition and strong nutrition. Changing the composition of the soil and applying organic fertilizer can accelerate the decomposition and transformation of organic matter, so as to quickly increase the content of soil organic matter and alleviate the degree of soil salinization. At the same time, it has a good root maintenance effect and is conducive to crop growth.

At present, our company has successfully launched a 10,000-200,000-ton cow manure organic fertilizer manufacturing line, as well as BB fertilizer and a complete set of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process equipment, which can be adapted to various types of production.