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Characteristics of high performance chain plate turner machine in fermentation composting

The chain plate organic fertilizer turner is the main equipment for the production of bio organic fertilizer. The compost turning machine moves on the predetermined track of the fermentation tank, and does not need full-time personnel to operate. It can be operated remotely or even automatically.

Key parts such as: the chain adopts imported parts, durable. The depth of the stack can reach 0.8-1 m by using the lifting device. The vertical lifting height of the material can reach 2m, and it can stay in the air for a long time without aeration. For other forms of dumper, one chain plate dumper is enough for three fermentation tanks. The chain plate dumper can meet the material requirements of NPK fertilizer granulator.
high performance chain plate turner machine in fermentation composting

The above are the performance characteristics of the chain plate turning machine for organic fertilizer processing equipment. Although the performance of organic fertilizer composting equipment is good, it must be maintained. Check the oil volume once a week. When the oil level drops, check for leaks. The oil department finds out the reason and adds gear oil to the lowest oil level. When it is necessary to change the oil, remove the upper oil pipe and discharge the air from the oil tank, unscrew the oil plug, collect the oil, and then tighten the oil plug. Lubricate the bearing parts regularly. Regularly clean up debris such as rope ends or iron wires attached to the chain plate.