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Pig farm organic fertilizer equipment chain plate composting turner

Pig farms use organic fertilizer equipment to process pig manure, and chain-plate compost turning machine are widely acclaimed in the production of organic fertilizer. Trough dumpers have set off a boom in farms, and many farms no longer worry about the difficulty of manure disposal. Purchasing a trough turning machine has many benefits for fermenting organic fertilizer from pig manure, cow manure, chicken manure, and sheep manure.
chain plate composting turner

The chain plate turner machine of organic fertilizer equipment is suitable for trough type structure. The high-speed rotating chain plate is adopted to achieve the purpose of dumper and make the material move. The depth of the equipment is 1.6 m, which is 1 m deeper than that of the ordinary dumper, and the material is 1 m higher, which can greatly save the production area and cost for users. In addition, the equipment can also feed and discharge at the same time, feed at one end of the fermentation tank and discharge at the other end, so as to realize continuous production and automatic production. The transported materials are processed directly and processed into high-quality fertilizer by fertilizer granulator, which can be sold to the market.