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What are the benefits of processing farm cow dung with organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment

There are a large number of cattle in the farm. Due to the large amount of cattle food, the daily excretion of feces and urine is more than other livestock and poultry, and the nutrient content is also more. Therefore, cow dung is also an important source of fertilizer in agricultural production. What are the benefits of processing cow dung by organic fertilizer manufacturing process? Let's have a look.

1. The excretion of cattle varies with breed, age, body weight and management conditions. According to the nutrient content of cow dung and urine, each cow could provide 38.0 kg of nitrogen, 47.6 kg of potassium and 5.3 kg of phosphorus.

2. The main components of cow manure are cellulose, hemicellulose, protein and its decomposition products and various inorganic salts. Cow is a ruminant. After repeated chewing, its feces are fine and dense. In addition, it has a lot of drinking water, high water content in the feces, difficult air circulation, difficult decomposition of organic matter in the feces, and slow maturity. It is a cold organic fertilizer. The fertilizer efficiency of uncooked cow dung urine is low, which can be improved by fermenting with organic fertilizer equipment and processing with rotary drum granulator.

3. The application of cow dung organic fertilizer can loosen the soil, make it easy to cultivate, and has good effects on improving clay. The average total nitrogen content of fresh cow manure is 0.38%, total phosphorus 0.10%, total potassium 0.23%, moisture content 75.0%, and crude organic matter 14.9%.
cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment

The aerobic fermentation of organic fertilizer manufacturing process is the main way to realize the harmlessness and resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure in cattle farms. Our equipment can not only solve the environmental pollution problem of livestock and poultry manure, but also contribute to the development of bio-organic fertilizer and promote agriculture. Sustained development is of great significance.
How much is a set of cow dung organic fertilizer equipment? What is the price of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process? What is the profit of opening a small organic fertilizer factory? Consult us for details.