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How to prepare the raw material of fertilizer extrusion granulator

Extrusion granulator is a granulating equipment in fertilizer industry. The extrusion effect of fertilizer is mainly affected by extrusion granulator and raw material formula. The types of raw materials have some influence on the formulation, and the formulation affects the forming effect of fertilizer. Let us discuss how to prepare raw materials when the extrusion granulator produces raw materials.

Fertilizer Preparation of Extrusion Granulator
From the fertilizer itself, the basic fertilizer containing NPK can be formulated in any proportion, and can be added with trace elements and even pesticides. However, the material used in extrusion granulation of fertilizer must be restricted by the matching of raw materials. In the formulation of extrusion granulator, chemical reactions can not occur in the production process, and occasional reactions are not allowed.
fertilizer extrusion granulator

Effect of Urea on Fertilizer Formula of Extruder Granulator
Urea has the physical characteristics of easy moisture absorption, which can significantly reduce the critical relative humidity of NPK compound fertilizers, especially when potassium chloride is used as the potassium source of compound fertilizers. Because of the low critical relative humidity, urea-based compound fertilizers are easy to absorb moisture. In the equipment of extrusion granulation production line, blockage of screen, pipeline and chute will occur.

When the temperature rises, the critical relative humidity of urea-based compound fertilizer decreases rapidly. In the production of fertilizer extrusion granulation, the production capacity of dryer is determined by many factors. Some urea-based NPK fertilizers begin to soften at 70 ℃. If the outlet temperature of the dryer is higher than this temperature, the fertilizer particles will be too plastic and soft, resulting in the granulation process, the internal scarring of the dryer, and the difficulties in screening and transportation.

In addition, urea has some other effects on fertilizer extrusion granulation, such as water absorption, moisture absorption and permeability, water holding capacity, particle integrity, fluidity, caking and so on. These characteristics have adverse effects on the production of extrusion granulator.

In the compounding of fertilizer extrusion granulator, ammonium sulfate can be used to replace part of urea, so that the amount of urea can be reduced to 10%-15%. Thus, the production capacity of fertilizer extrusion granulator can be improved, and the appearance and wear resistance of fertilizer can be improved. In short, when extrusion granulator produces compound fertilizer, attention should be paid to the formulation of raw materials, so that fertilizer products can be properly nourished, forming effect is good, and the performance of extruding granulator can be brought into play.