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Sawmill powder mixed with pig manure, chicken manure and cow manure to make organic fertilizer

The sawmill powder needs to be mixed with pig manure, chicken manure, and cow manure, and the fertilizer product is made through the organic fertilizer production line. Because sawdust does not have any elements in fertilizer, there is no nitrogen, no phosphorus, and no potassium, but it is indeed possible to grow mushrooms. When buying organic fertilizer equipment, everyone will ask, what raw materials should be processed? How much moisture does the raw material have? What is the processing capacity? To be powder fertilizer or granular fertilizer? If the fecal material has high moisture, it is generally recommended to add sawdust, wood chips, etc.

The organic fertilizer on the market is also divided into true and false. The false organic fertilizer has less nutrients or the processing raw materials are harmful. Therefore, NPK fertilizer granulator equipment manufacturers suggest that we must learn to distinguish true and false organic fertilizer. After the production of organic fertilizer, it determines whether the organic fertilizer production line is welcomed by people after it is put into the market, and whether it can have a good sales quantity. Therefore, for the manufacturers of organic fertilizer processing equipment, its quality has become the most important aspect in the development process of the market.
organic fertilizer production line of pig manure, chicken manure and cow manure

Development is the last word, and the same is true for organic fertilizer manufacturers. Its quality development is the last word. Because in the current market development, only quality is an important aspect of improving the image of a company's products. We provide granulating equipment such as rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, double-roll granulator and so on. The current organic fertilizer production equipment relies on its own quality to realize its own value. Therefore, each manufacturer should pay attention to quality when producing equipment.