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Several reasons affecting the fertilizer granulator machine

The fertilizer granulator machine is the most important step in the fertilizer. If there is no granulator, the fertilizer cannot be formed and cannot form granules. So what are the reasons why the materials cannot cause granules?
fertilizer granulator
Sticking is very important, and there is no way to stick together without viscosity. The temperature of the material and the viscosity of the liquid have an effect on the shape of the particles. The greater the viscosity and surface tension of the material at the corresponding temperature point, the fuller the hemispherical particles.
Influence of material temperature
The temperature of the material directly affects the production capacity of the granulation device.
The material temperature before granulation is away from its melting point. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the smaller the output.
Influence of material properties
The granulation performance of materials with different characteristics is quite different. Viscosity and surface tension mainly affect the molding quality of granulated products. The cooling and solidification speed of the material, which in turn affects its output. The only thing that can be selected by us in the production operation is regulation and control, only the temperature of the material. The material temperature is the most important parameter for us to ensure the output and quality.